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The 4Points Compass

A loving and committed foster home opens the door to hope, which opens the door to healing, which drives the life compass forward to legacy.



It all starts with a home, a family willing to allow God to use their home and family for the care and protection of a foster child in need of a safe environment and family who will love and embrace them with God’s love.



It may be days, it could take weeks or months, but the 4Points mission includes planting seeds of hope into the life of a child. Hope is more caught than taught and is made possible by the security of a loving, praying, peaceful foster family that speaks hope into a child.



4PointsKids is committed to providing all the resources needed to create the opportunity for emotional and sometimes physical healing to take place. In addition to training our committed and loving foster and adoptive families how to guide their foster children through the healing process, 4Points also utilizes therapeutic and medical resources. And, we do not leave out the spiritual need of each child. While we teach our Christ-centered families that they cannot force a child to pursue the spiritual dimension of their life, we strive to be the hands and feet of our compassionate Jesus to meet the needs of the total person.


These life-compass components make it possible for a child to see that they too, can live a life of legacy where positive life stories live on. The simple planting of seeds in a young life can cause that child or young adult to grow into a future that pays forward their own legacy. 4Points also emphasizes the legacy of each foster parent planted into the lives of their foster kids. We call our foster and adoptive families Legacy Families.

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