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How to Transfer from Another Agency to 4PointsKids

The planting of 4PointsKids in Central Texas is the culmination of over 30 years of orphan and foster care, agencies in 9 states, 5000 adoptions, 17 different countries and 1000 foster children through the years who found forever homes.

4PointsKids has chosen to concentrate our efforts in Region 7 and surrounding areas. We are a faith-based, Christ-centered agency that understands the Judeo-Christian values that so many in our back yard share. We believe that God places in hearts the burning desire to make a difference in the lives of kids and families in turmoil who need a home, hope and healing, and in responding to the call leave a legacy of impact.

If you are looking for an agency where you can hang your foster-parent hat, check out 4PointsKids. You can learn more about us at and watch our 3-minute introduction video.

Steps to Transfer from Another Agency to 4PointsKids


4PointsKids would be honored to be considered as a foster and adoption alternative for foster parents looking for a new faith-based home agency.


For the State of Texas to recognize a new family coming, or transferring, into 4PointsKids we must show that the incoming foster parent(s) is fully vetted and verified under the policies and procedures of 4PointsKids. It is likely that much of the current training a foster parent has taken will transfer to 4PointsKids. The state also requires certain self-directed online DFPS trainings which will likely be transferrable (copies of training certificates will be required from the transferring agency or from the FP’s own files/records).

How-to Steps to Transfer

  • The foster family obtains Request to Transfer Agencies – Release of Information form (supplied by 4PointsKids – request form at or download the form here.

  • Foster family attends 4PointsKids Orientation. Check out upcoming Orientation dates

  • 4PointsKids may request foster-training documents from the transferring agency (4PointsKids staff requests documents).

  • 4PointsKids staff will review the training documentation and assess what is transferable from the transferring agency and what additional training will be required to meet 4PointsKids’ state approved policies & procedures.

  • Foster family attends 4PointsKids Pre-Service Training (a deep dive into the culture, systems and processes of 4PointsKids).

  • Home study or home study update and walk through performed by 4PointsKids staff.

  • Foster-family verification by the state.

Anyone interested in learning more can contact, Bob Mardock,


Operation #1712909-14291

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